So Long Summer . . .

sun set


It looks like Autumn is fast approaching, and no one knows it better than the folks here a Little Rockit.

With the sun firmly setting behind us, we are very much looking forward to the crisp sound of leaves crushing under our feet.  We’re excited about, cosy knitted jumpers, and wellington boots, log fires and the joyous scent of pine cones in the air as we take a refreshing autumn walk.

Here at Little Rockit HQ we are firm believers in enjoying each and every season.  No matter how dreary or too hot, we believe it’s the little things that count.  We get very excited about that mug of hot chocolate on a cold day, or the first sighting of a pumpkin in the local supermarket.

The first signs of autumn always bring a hint of excitement and anticipation.   As we approach winter, we see before us the opportunities for celebration that it holds.

What is our next celebration?  Well, fall alone is enough to get  our hearts warm and tingly,but we are very excited about what fall brings . . . Halloween!

Halloween provides so many opportunities to celebrate this wonderful season.  It might be through following age old traditions of bringing the delightful foliage of the season indoors, or adding that touch of quirky fun to your home.  Whether Halloween is a date for you or not, you can’t deny the variety that autumn embraces.

SAM_0895At Little Rockit we have been working our little butts off to get our shop up and running.  You can get involved, and follow us closely on Instagram, and Pinterest.

Alternatively you can contact us directly at, and we would love to hear from you!

So watch this space, as we here at Little Rockit have been working very hard on exciting fall, projects just for you to enjoy at this wonderful time of year.

Lots of love, (and keep cosy)

The Rockiteers


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