Spring Has Sprung . . . (And So Have We)

Springtime Mushroom

Its been a long old slog here at Little Rockit.  We worked our little butts off before the new year to gather   some lovely goods to sell.

We met wonderful people and learnt a lot from our wee craft fairs over Christmas in 2014, and made new goals to carry us through into the new year.

Our first Craft Fair

In order to explain what we’ve been up to, here’s a little  bit about us:

Little Rockit is run by just us two friends,we like pretty and weird things, and together we’re pretty weird!

Pretty weird friends

Being friends for a long time, we have encountered many highs and lows, and the economic downturn has certainly been one of them.  We both however, live with physically debilitating conditions that limit our day to day actions.

So, after many tears and heart break, we decided to go hand in hand, and support each other through a little venture of our own.

Little Rockit

We wanted to project an image of ourselves that we could aspire to; something that would earn us a confidence outside of our disabilities.

We decided that in our own little way, ’We’re going to be Rockiteers!’ and so, ‘Little Rockit’ was born.

Over the past six months we have encountered moving house, and moving jobs, – (we have been busy, honest!)  and we decided that Spring would be an excellent time to  climb into our Rockiteer uniforms, and set a flame under our Little Rockit.

So we have!

Lets Ride!

April will see the opening of our new Etsy store, filled with one of a kind goodies made with absolute love and care.  Keep an eye out on our InstagramTwitter, and Facebook pages for special offers and discounts.

We really do hope you like what we have to offer, and please, get in touch and let us know what you think!

Much love and Springtime wishes from,

rockiteers x