Rocking Along

Why hello there,  how are your fine selves today?

A little update from the Little Rockit headquarters;

Last week we posted our first online order!! Woop!

We were very excited.  Our Kitten George was also very grateful, he says thank you!

We’ve been getting super organised in our offices, a serious case of obsessive cleanliness has come down upon us.  Whilst  brushing up on our interweb skills, we have been filling out our Etsy pages. !

We now have Treasuries which feature items that we love from other Etsy sellers, check them out for some wonderful inspiration for gifts and accessories.

We have many more items that will soon be up for sale, including art, prints, and household decor, so please watch this space.

Whilst we have been busy creating things that (hopefully) you will love for our shop, we have also been working on filling out our website with some interesting things.

We’ve created a page where we will share all of the the weird and wonderful things that we have found or collected over the years.  If you have a weird or wonderful thing that you would like to share, please get in touch!


The Rockiteers