Autumn Is here!!

It looks like Autumn is just around the corner.  Those leaves that have stayed green for so long with our humid Summer are trying their hardest to change, and boy, are we excited!!

We love the Fall season.  For us, it’s the most interesting.  Where we are in the UK, it gets a little crisper, the air gets a little thinner, and the nights get a little longer.  There’s so much colour to feast your eyes upon in the coming months, the rich golden browns and burnt reds remind us of bonfires and woolly hats.  The season brings with it a plethora of textures, a real treat for the senses.  The hooting of Owls, the crisp sound of leaves crushing under foot, and the smokey haze in the air all bring with them a nostalgia only felt at this time of year.

We’ve been so excited here at Little Rockit, that we’ve been gearing up all year for this season.  Here is the first of our Fall collection, some beautiful autumnal themed bunting.


Each of these garlands are one of a kind.  Made by hand featuring mustard, burnt orange and dark brown wool, each pom pom is fixed in placed to recycled twine.  We just love pom poms!!

You can purchase one of our garlands on our Etsy page here, or if you have a special idea in mind, we are more than happy to oblige!  Drop us a line either on our website, via email: or send us a message on our Facebook page.

We’d love to hear from you!

We do hope you are as excited for Fall as we are, what’s your favourite thing about Autumn?

Lots of Love,

The Rockiteers