Brown Paper Packages Tied up With String…

Little Rockit Parcel

These are a few of our favourite things!

The Summer season is officially over, and we’ve been super busy the past couple of weeks.

We are very grateful for the orders being placed for our beloved products.  Lot’s of people have been interested in our cute little pegs.  Each of the peg’s feature a red painted heart, which was a button in a previous life, carefully bonded to a natural wooden mini peg.

These seem to be a favourite, as they are useful, pretty, and go with almost any occasion or decor.  Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for more pegs, we have some seasonal designs coming your way.  (Pumpkins and the like!)

Little Rockit Pegs Galore!

Little Rockit Pegs Galore!

It’s been wonderful to see our wedding cards being sent to loving homes.

The celebration and love shown through our ‘MR & MRS’, ‘MR& MR’ and ‘MRS & MRS’ cards fills us with warm fuzzy feelings, and cements the love that we feel for the ever changing, and accepting human race.

We’ve had custom orders coming out of our ears this week too!  Thank you to everyone ordering custom cards, felt danglies, and banners.  We love a challenge, and even though we fret ourselves into a creative tizzy, nothing can describe the feeling when we hear back that you loved your item!

Here’s one of our custom orders, from a lovely lady with two Cocker Spaniels. They have so much character, and very distinctive markings!   We do enjoy a challenge, and really enjoyed making these.  Thank you for the wonderful feedback!

Though they’re not as good as the real thing, we do hope they’ll keep you company when you can’t be with your adorable pooches! 😀

We hope everyone is trucking along nicely.  Next thing up is Autumn….. OOooooooohhhh boy, are we excited for what that has to offer!!

Lots of Summer blues wishes,

The Rockiteers X