Music Monday: Insightful

(The lengths we go to for a good sound.)

We just love it when we find a musical gem whilst on a melodic binge.  A particular artist that grabs you with both hands and shakes you clear awake to a new sound.  That’s what happened when we found California based artist Insightful.



We happened across Insightful’s music when browsing Youtube, and falling into the cavernous musical grasp that Youtube holds.  Among the various clicks and referrals, we came upon a delightful video from the creators of GoPro, (we’ll tell you more about that video on Friday).

Apart from the film’s awesome footage, the musical selections throughout were choice decisions.  One particular piece really jumped out at us and a good chunk of other viewers judging by the video’s comments section.

Everyone wanted, no, needed to know where could they buy this awesome song?!  All we were left to go on was the song’s title, and the artist’s name, ‘A Horse’s Soul’, by Insightful.  Fitting no?

After following the breadcrumbs, and watching various independent user uploaded versions of the song, we finally found the artist and his impressive back catalogue on Bandcamp.  Once we knew where to look, a veritable feast for the ears ensued, but still we couldn’t find the song that had lead us on this journey.

The song in question, (although the term ‘song’ doesn’t quite fit this type of music) is a conscious romp over rhythmic hills and valleys.  It’s beautifully mainstream, yet pops with the audio manipulation of a bedroom producer.  It’s interesting quirks and sounds provide an audio landscape that can lift your spirits, and take you consciously to another place.

Music producer Matthew Bradley Suggett, or ‘Insightful’, is part of the Soulection family, a Los Angeles based niche collective of musicians and music enthusiasts that have culminated their love of a particular sound into a record label, radio show, and ultimately their own culture.  With Soulection’s tagline and overall philosophy of finding, ‘The Sound of Tomorrow’, Insightful’s music is an excellent example of this niche musical market.

Once we realised Soulection had something to do with this artist, we knew where to look.

You can find all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds on Bandcamp, listen for free and purchase directly from the artist.  Think of it like, ‘buying local’, and keeping the creative industry alive.

The whole album is a joy to listen to, but this is our favourite, and what lead us to find so many good artists:



“An album dedicated to the lantern you are. The world is dark at times, and this was created to remind you of the light inside of you. My life has been a series of ups and downs and I hope this resonates somehow. Take care.”


It’s very hard to find any  information on Insightful, he creates his music, and lets it speak for itself.  You can find information about his live shows and releases over on the Soulection website by clicking here, and listen, purchase and follow Insightful on Bandcamp by clicking here.

Often described of as ‘conscious’ music, the sound’s found under the Soulection brand are an ambient, hip hop / trap fusion reminiscent of Marcel Duchamp’s artistic values, and Brian Eno’s approach to sound mechanisms.

With Soulection now hosting their own show on Apple music’s Beats1 radio, we’re sure to hear more of this niche musical awesomeness pumped into the mainstream.



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