Rockiteers feet

Hand crafted by two good friends with a love of fine things, at Little Rockit strive to provide beautifully handmade products of the highest quality.

We’ve combined our knowledge of making, with our love of interesting and adorable things in order to create bespoke items that we hope you will love.



We really care about our planet, and believe it’s important to take care of your environment.

Thank You Kitty

Cutie Pie George

Where possible we aim to use cruelty free materials, because we love animals!


The Rockiteers – Alex

Alex is a multidisciplinary artist, a vegetarian, and a cat lover.  Originally hailing from a small town in Texas USA, she now resides in an even smaller town in England. Alex specialises in drawing, textiles, fine art and photography, and has a degree in drawing, and image making. Alex loves animals, weird things, cats, photography, … Continue reading The Rockiteers – Alex

The Rockiteers – Krystina

Krystina loves music, animals, polka dots, spooky things, notation, cats, bonfires, making anything from felt and musical instruments.       To see what Krystina is up to, you can follow her here:  Instagram    WordPress

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