Lions in the Wild

We love animals here at Little Rockit, whether they be large or small, on land, air, or in the water, we just love them.  We try to make it our business to help where we can, and really respect those who dedicate their entire lives to animal welfare. At home our little kitty cats enjoy … Continue reading Lions in the Wild


Music Monday: Insightful

(The lengths we go to for a good sound.) We just love it when we find a musical gem whilst on a melodic binge.  A particular artist that grabs you with both hands and shakes you clear awake to a new sound.  That's what happened when we found California based artist Insightful.     We … Continue reading Music Monday: Insightful


As the nights draw in and the air becomes a little crisper, it's a sure sign that Winter is on it's way.   Even though the cold air might not be something to look forward to for most, the Winter months do provide us with many opportunities that a nice warm Summer may not.  If … Continue reading Stargazing

Rocking Along

Why hello there,  how are your fine selves today? A little update from the Little Rockit headquarters; Last week we posted our first online order!! Woop! We were very excited.  Our Kitten George was also very grateful, he says thank you! We've been getting super organised in our offices, a serious case of obsessive cleanliness … Continue reading Rocking Along